Conferences for Practitioners

The Center for Research in Financial Communication team regularly participates in relevant practice-oriented events of the financial community. At panel discussions, workshops as well in personal meetings, current topics and research results are presented and discussed. 

The team of the Center for Research in Financial Communication will participate at the following conferences:

21. DIRK Conference on 04 - 05 June 2018

Geschäftsberichte-Symposium on 14 June 2018

DPRG working group Financial Communication on 05 July 2018

DIRK workshop "Digital IR trends" on 24 January 2019

2018 // Strategies in Investor Relations and Financial Communication

As part of the DIRK general meeting on 23 February 2018 in Düsseldorf, Prof. Christian HOffmann presented the results of the CRiFC study "Strategies in Investor Relations and Financial Communications" - a broad empirical study among companies listed in the Prime Standard.

Decision-makers in Investor Relations and Corporate Communications were asked about strategic communication management. The results point to the strategic importance of financial communication - even if there are still gaps in strategic management of the function. Furthermore, three types of investor relations and financial communication strategies at German stock corporations were identified in the available data.

The full study is available here.

More information on the event is available here.


2018 // Digital transformation of investor relations

As part of the DIRK workshop "Digital IR trends 2018" on 25 January 2018, Sandra Tietz gave a first insights into the research project "Digital Leadership in Investor Relations". The results of the first phase of the phase were enthusiatically discussed with representatives of investor relations departments.

More information is available here

2017 // The future of money

On 30 June 2017, Prof. Christian Hoffmann and other experts will discuss the future of money at the international conference. Among other things, topics such as alternatives like “bitcoin” and “blockchain” by which startups and technology companies are revolutionizing the money and banking world.

More information is available at

2017 // CFO positionining in Financial Communication

Based on a recent study by the University of Leipzig, an empirically grounded task framework describing the role of the CFO in financial communication was introduced and reviewed by a communication practitioner the workshop at the 20. DIRK conference on 13 June 2017 in Frankfurt. Furthermore, the implications for investor relations were discussed with the participants of the workshop.

Participants of the workshop:

  • Dr. Markus Talanow, Spokesperson Financial Communications at Merck KGaA
  • Sebastian Keßler, Group Communication and Policies at BMW AG and Graduate of the Master program „Communication Management“ at the University of Leipzig
  • Prof. Dr. Christian P. Hoffmann, University of Leipzig & Center for Research in Financial Communication

The presentation of the workshop is available here.



2016 // Integrated Reporting – for whom?

Integrated Reporting is currently generating curiosity and uncertainty at the same time. Is it a reporting approach or rather a management concept? How important is this for investors? The presentation by Prof. Dr. Christian Hoffmann provided insights in current findings on the advantages and challenges of Integrated Reporting.

Please find the complete presentation here.

Based on the presentation there was a follow-up discussion on “Integrated Thinking in Investment”. Various perspectives on the integration of ESG data into investment decisions as well as international differences in sustainable investments were presented.

Participants were:

  • Marissa Blankenship, Allianz GI
  • Steve Monnier, BlackRock
  • Prof. Dr. Christian P. Hoffmann, University of Leipzig
  • Moderation: Katharina Beyersdorfer, DIRK

2015 // Shareholder platform instead of AGM internet dialogue? Advantages and disadvantages

18. DIRK conference, Frankfurt

 The use of AGM internet services is stagnating. Central shareholder platforms are designed to increase attractiveness for investors. However, what advantages do they offer for the issuer?

The workshop at the DIRK conference included three brief presentations followed by a joint discussion:


  • Presentation of study among DACH companies with regard to the advantages and disadvantages of own AGM internet dialogue systems vs. shareholder platforms
  • Experiences by an Swiss issuer on shareholder platforms
  • Internet dialogue/platform solutions and their capabilities



  • Prof. Dr. Christian P. Hoffmann, Center for Research in Financial Communication
  • Roman Bühler, Sherpany AG
  • Marcus Händel, Valiant Bank AG

The video of the workshop is available here.