Academic Conferences

The Center for Research in Financial Communication team regularly presents its research results at academic conferences and thereby contributes to the ongoing creation and exchange knowledge.

The team of the Center for Research in Financial Communication will participate at the following conferences:

68th Annual ICA Conference, Prague on 24-28 May 2018

ECREA 2018, Lugano on October 31 - November 3, 2018

2017 // Investor Relations - A Systematic Literature Review

While the term “investor relations” was first coined in the 1950s, the correspondent corporate department can still be considered an emergent phenomenon. Investor relations (IR) has been a distinct corporate function for some 50 years in the US and about 30 years in Europe. Accordingly, research on IR is still in its early stages. In this contribution, the findings from an interdisciplinary systematic literature review focusing on peer-reviewed journal articles published in English since 1990 were presented at the 67th annual conference of International Communication Association (ICA).

2016 // Trends in financial communications & reporting

At the international conference "Reporting, Investor Relations, Capital Markets - Challenges and Opportunities in Financial Communication" hosted by HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Prof. Dr. Christian Hoffmann and Dr. Kristin Köhler hold keynote speeches about the trends in financial communication and reporting.

Further information about the event can be found here.