The Financial Communication Summit addressed current challenges and trends in capital market communications.

Professor Christian Hoffmann presented the latest study "CEO and CFO in Financial Communications and Investor Relations" of the Center for Research in Financial Communication.

Dr. Stefanie Wettberg took up this year's study topic and shared best practices.

Oliver Maier (Bayer AG), Kristina Jeromin (Deutsche Börse AG), Tim Albrecht (DWS) and Prof. Dr. Thomas Berndt (University of St. Gallen) gave insights into their experiences on sustainability in capital market communication.

Dominik Slappnig (Sika AG), Claus Döring (Börsen-Zeitung), Thomas von Oehsen (ISS) and Dr. Ing. Robert Vollrath (Hering Schuppener) discussed the changed expectations with regards to ARUG II.

A summary of the panels is available here: