Financial Communication – caught between media and investor interests?

Jörg Eigendorf (Deutsche Bank AG)
Dr. Robert Vollrath (Deutsche Bank AG)

Jörg Eigendorf and Dr. Robert Vollrath (both Deutsche Bank AG) offered an insight into the tension between media and investor interests in financial communications. They discussed the importance of close cooperation and coordination between the Corporate Communications and Investor Relations departments - illustrated with many examples from their daily work.

The focus of the presentation was on the holistic view of the various stakeholders of the company. Depending on the situation, the relevance to current communication measures may vary. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on all claims and perspective through regular coordination.

Both departments provided insights in detailed analyzes conducted with regard to the perspective of the media and investors. As a financial institution’s reputation is strongly shaped by its perception on capitals markets, close and respectful cooperation between corporate communications and investor relations emerges as a critical success factor.