Corporate reporting in the age of fake news and storytelling

Olaf Zapke, Thomson Reuters

In a keynote speech followed by a discussion, Olaf Zapke (Thomson Reuters) gave an insight into his perspective on the changes and trends in the media landscape and corporate reporting. With the increasing speed of message cycles, the "correctness" of information and the integrity of sources continue to be prioritized over the speed of news. Especially in times of fake news, the examination of sources is indispensable. Olaf Zapke also explained the agency's own algorithms that help journalists identify and filter relevant stories.

Finally, the discussion turned to the interaction between journalists and companies in their reporting. It is still important to build relationships in "good times" and to monitor the flood of information from the corporate side and, if necessary, curb it. A central task of the journalists is to explain the connections and relationships between data. News organizations therefore need to relive journalists from activities than provide little added value and can be automatized. The remarks ended with wishes expectations for an effective and trusting exchange from a journalistic perspective.