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Digitalization is shaping international capital markets – which today are more intertwined, faster and more transparent than ever, but also exposed to new forms of manipulation or technical errors. Digital media enable participation, but also create unequal access. Habits and regulations do not always keep up with the pace of technological innovation. Financial communication therefore also experiences digital disruption.

Companies continuously develop and improve instruments of financial communication. In this context, digitalization leads to greater variety but also to new needs and increasing demands by stakeholders.

Therefore, financial communication needs to master the challenges of digital transformation. In doing so, it can learn from other communication disciplines. Network communication requires integrated planning and controlling of messages and channels, regular monitoring and a balanced dialogue with clearly defined target groups.

Research on “Digitalization” focuses on how new communication technologies are changing the needs of stakeholders as well as the processes and instruments of financial communication. 


The following topics are priorities in this research stream

  • Adaption of communication strategies with regard to digitalization
  • Change of communication needs and habits
  • Development of new content and media formats
  • Building competences within financial communication