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Capital Markets

The capital market is an institution of tremendous importance – for investors, companies, but also for the society as a whole. Thus, financial communication is strongly regulated and also regularly subject to conflicts of interests.

The analysis of capital market participants, their information needs and habits, provides an important foundation for financial communication. Legislators, authorities and companies are committed to transparency, liquidity and trust in the capital market. However, the rules of global capital markets are subject to constant change.

In the context of capital market transactions, such as M&A or IPOs, communicators require a throughout understanding of the moods and assessments of the market participants. Only then can a convincing communication strategy be implemented.

Research on “Capital Markets” focuses on the expectations and needs of capital market participants as well as their influence over the performance of capital market.


The following topics are priorities in this research stream

  • Role of communication with regard to the overall economic importance of the capital market
  • Transparency and trust in the capital market
  • Strategies in the context of capital market transactions
  • Storytelling in financial communication
  • Communication with bond holders