Strategy & Value Creation

Capital market participants are among the most important, powerful and critical corporate stakeholders. Financial communication, therefore, is a strategically important business function. Numerous studies prove the value contribution of excellent financial communication.

Intensive and targeted communication with the capital market provides companies with strategic leeway. This requires a solid understanding of the capital market perspective and a convincing communication strategy.

Although financial communication acts in a tight regulatory framework, there are ample chances for communicative differentiation and goal-oriented maintenance of capital market contacts.

Financial communication is an influential innovator within corporate communications. Today, its strategic importance is widely acknowledged – not least, because key executives share responsibility for financial communication.

Research on “Strategy & Value Creation” focuses on how financial communication can help corporations achieve their strategic goals. 

Current studies






The following topics are priorities in this research stream

  • Strategies in the field of investor relations and financial communication
  • Organization of financial communication in the company
  • The role of CEO and CFO in financial communication
  • Changing information needs of (international) stakeholder
  • International comparison of financial communication
  • Analysis and development of equity stories
  • Impact of guidance and medium-term forecasts