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Publication of study "Cross media annual reports"

How do capital market participants use annual reports, which channels, which content is relevant for them? The Center for Research in Financial Communication has conducted a large-scale study on the use of annual reports together with the Mainz agency MPM Corporate Communication Solutions. As part of a quantitative survey, 100 analysts and investors active on the German capital market were surveyed.more


Paper presentation at the 64th DGPuK Annual Conference

With its paper "Integrated Financial Communication: Analysis of the coordination and integration of investor relations and corporate communications with regards to financial communication tasks", the team of the Center for Research in Financial Communication was contribution to the 64th Annual Meeting of the German Communication Association (DGPuK) which took place from May 09-11, 2019 in Münster.more


Publication of the brief study: "Stakeholder communication in CEO letters"

The brief study examines the prioritization of relevant stakeholders in the CEO letters of DAX30 companies in 2017. more


Publication of study "Corporate strategies in the annual report"

This short study analyzes how the corporate strategy is presented in the annual report of the DAX30 companies in the financial years 2015 to 2017. The comparative study also shows positive examples and reveals potential for improvement.more


Publication of the study "Design of the annual reports of the German and Swiss companies"

The study was conducted by the Center for Research in Financial Communication in collaboration with Neidhart + Schön, Zurich, and the Center for Corporate Reporting (CCR). It examines the developments of the online annual report as an instrument of investor relations in Germany and Switzerland.more


Workshop at the DIRK General Meeting

At the DIRK General Meeting on March 8, 2014 at Bayer AG in Leverkusen, Sandra Tietz and Kerstin Hammann discussed the study "Investors and Supervisory Board in Dialogue". more


Publication of study "Integrated Financial Communications"

With the study "Integrated Financial Communications - An analysis of the cooperation of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations on Financial Communication topics", the Center for Research in Financial Communication publishes the results of a broad empirical study of listed companies in the DACH region.more


Article "Credibility in the report of the supervisory board" in Der Aufsichtsrat

An article in the specialized magazine "Der Aufsichtsrat" shows the results of an analysis of the 2017 Supervisory Board reports of the DAX30 companies with regard to the use of credible linguistic stylistic means.more


Presentation on "Digital IR trends 2019"

As part of the DIRK workshop "Digital IR trends 2019" on 24 January 2019, Sandra Tietz discussed the results of the study "Digital Leadership in Investor Relations - How digital is Investor Relations in Germany?" with investor relations departments.more


Guest article in PR Magazin

In the January edition of PR Magazin, the results of the study "Integrated Financial Communication" were published in the guest article "Two voices - one goal? How do investor relations and corporate communications cooperate in financial communication?"more

Results 41 to 50 out of 83
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