Brief study: The importance of private investors in investor relations

The relationship between Germans and shares is difficult: despite the population's good financial situation, there is a regular share phobia. Only 15.2 percent of Germans currently participate in the stock market (Deutsches Aktieninstitut e.V., 2020). In order to win over sceptical private investors, sufficient information in particular is indispensable - providing this information is a central task of Investor Relations.

The short study therefore examines the question: How important is communication with private investors on IR websites of DAX and MDAX companies?

The study is based on a content analysis of the IR websites of the 90 companies listed on the DAX and M-DAX.

The short study shows that only a small part of the DAX and MDAX companies take private investors into account in their digital IR communication. Information needs are addressed much more frequently than reasons against an investment. It is interesting to note that the importance of individual information needs of private investors is not reflected in the companies' focus on content.

You can download the short study here (German only)

By Fiona Vaaßen, Jana Düthmann, Christian P. Hoffmann and Sandra Binder-Tietz