Brief study: YouTube as a source of information for the new "generation share"

With the new "Generation Share", the group of young private investors under 35 years of age is increasingly becoming the focus of practice and research in the financial sector. In a recent CRiFC study, the YouTube platform was identified as a popular source of information for capital market knowledge among the  "Generation share". In this context, so-called finfluencers play an important role in conveying capital market-related content.

This brief study examines the extent to which finfluencers serve the demands of "Generation Share" for capital market-related information:

  • What are the thematic focuses of YouTube accounts related to capital market knowledge in their posts?
  • How are YouTube posts by accounts related to capital market knowledge structured in terms of form and formal content?

You can download the short study here (German only).

By Sara Fuchs, Josephine Michl and Christian P. Hoffmann