Stakeholder communication in CEO letters

The annual report is one of the most important and also most comprehensive instruments of corporate communication. The letter from the CEO is the most personal part of the annual report. There are no legal requirements regarding the content and form of the letter. However, it has two functions: firstly, the letter opens the report on the front pages and thus sets the tone of the publication - and ideally also arouses curiosity. Secondly, the letter has a representative function for the management of the company. The content usually focuses on business development and strategy, but other topics such as sustainability are also mentioned.

This short study examines this question: To whom is the CEO letter addressed? Which target groups are addressed?

This question is interesting in so far as an answer allows conclusions to be drawn about the stakeholder prioritization of corporate management.

You can download the short study here

By Melanie Hirsch, Christian P. Hoffmann & Sandra Tietz