DIRK-Forschungsreihe: Roles in the professional field of investor relations

The professional field of investor relations is young. However, current developments such as increasing regulatory requirements, faster forms of communication and changes in shareholder structures demonstrate time and again the important function that investor relations officers (IROs) play in companies. Accordingly, the profession is growing steadily in terms of both quality and quantity.

But: Which roles do Investor Relations Officers have to fulfill at all?

In the current DIRK Forschungsreihe "Roles in the Professional Field of Investor Relations", based on Jeannine Mülbrecht's master's thesis at the University of Leipzig, a role model for IROs is developed and tested for the first time. The eight roles of the Investor Relations Officer Roles Grid show ideally which activities and skills are of central importance for IROs.

The role model serves both to help IROs locate themselves and to plan competencies within IR departments. A questionnaire included in the research series can be used to easily identify individual development potential. At the same time, the instrument can be used in the future to scientifically investigate the distribution of roles in the German professional field. This will enable targeted promotion of specific roles in order to holistically develop IR as an increasingly success-critical corporate function and further establish the professional field.

The full study is available on the website of DIRK or here (German only)

By Jeannine Mühlbrecht