Brief study: The equity stories of DAX and MDAX companies

Equity stories are considered an important argumentation concept to support the decisions of investors. The development and communication of the Equity Story is therefore one of the central tasks of capital market communication. So far, however, little is known about how companies actually present their equity story - for example in the context of their online communication. The Investor Relations website offers a good opportunity to present the Equity Story to the public - even beyond the narrow circle of capital market participants.

The brief study examines two questions:

  • To what extent do DAX and MDAX companies present their Equity Story on their IR websites?
  • Which formal features and content components are used to present the Equity Story on the IR websites of DAX and MDAX companies?

The study is based on a content analysis of the IR websites of the 90 companies listed in the DAX and MDAX and shows that there is often unused potential to present the Equity Story on the IR website.

You can download the short study here (German only)

By Katharina Tengler, Kristin Hansen, Christian P. Hoffmann and Sandra Binder-Tietz