Prof. Monika Kovarova-Simecek complements the CRiFC’s academic network

The Center for Research in Financial Communication is delighted that Prof. (FH) Mag. Monika Kovarova-Simecek is expanding the academic network of the competence center. There are currently joint research projects on the topics of “Finfluencer” and “Corporate Reporting Monitor: Future Lab“.

Prof. (FH) Monika Kovarova-Simecek heads the Master’s degree programs Digital Business Communications and Digital Management & Sustainability at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences. Her teaching and research focus on Corporate Communications & Reporting, Investor Relations and Financial Communication. She is primarily concerned with the technology-driven change in communication in financial contexts and its influence on the behavior of capital market players and capital market structures.

Other members of the academic network are Prof. Dr. Katja Langenbucher (Goethe University Frankfurt am Main), Prof. Dr. Alexander V. Laskin (Quinnipiac University, USA), Prof. Dr. Peter Leibfried (University of St. Gallen), Prof. Dr. Dirk Schiereck (TU Darmstadt), Prof. Olaf Steuer (Wismar University of Applied Sciences), Prof. Nadine Strauß (University of Zurich) and Prof. Dr. Henning Zülch (HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management).

Together with academic partners from various fields of research, the aim is to support the development and exchange of knowledge in the research field of financial communication and investor relations.